• Celebrate Venice Teachers at the 2019 WAVE Awards

    Venice Paparazzi will be rolling out the red carpet on May 9th at the 9th Annual Venice Wave Awards.

    This fantastic community event, hosted by the VCC Education Committee  honors teachers from 17 local schools and organizations for their achievements in and beyond the classroom.


    Here is a message from the VCC Education Committee founder Joelle Dumas.

    Join us in exalting the esteemed educators who foster excellence in their students and our collective future by embodying this year’s theme as, “Adaptive Learners and Global Thinkers.” The WAVE Awards bring together our community to bestow upon teachers, from 17 schools and art institutions, the recognition they deserve.

    Please honor us with your presence at the 8th annual Oscar-like ceremony that elevates the status of education and champions those who guide our children toward greatness.

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    No gesture is too small to be warmly appreciated. All are welcome to unite for this captivating and moving community event cheering on the teachers who remind us of why we love to learn!

    Center: Joelle Dumas, the VCC Education founder and Director of Ecole Claire Fontaine

    About the VCC Education Committee:

    The VCC Education Committee is the bridge between business and education in Venice, a forum where action & ideas meet, and a channel of communication for sharing  energy, innovation & intelligence. Our common purpose is to nurture a future community whose ability to learn, create and lead will inspire the world. 

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    Venice Paparazzi Fun Fact:  VP has covered the WAVE awards from 2007-2018.  View pics.

    Get your May 9th Ticket or donate!

    For more info: vcceducationcommittee.org